Green Brands We Love: Broccoli City

One of my favorite designers of organic apparel has always been Broccoli City. My better half turned me onto them when she received one of their Organic + Fly tees last year. I visited their website and immediately loved their designs. I also love what these guys are all about. From their site:

Broccoli City has successfully branded itself as one of the only urban organic companies; being featured in numerous green and mainstream publications since 2008. Our niche is exposing the urban community to environmentally friendly products. We stand by our efforts because Going Green is not a short term marketing gimmick; this is a matter of human survival.

We applaud Broccoli City, for not only their hip urban designs, but for their continuing guidance as we enter a new, greener era.  BC believes in keeping the masses informed and aware.  Education is one of best ways to help people understand why sustainability is an important goal to strive toward, and we here at Differently agree 110 percent.

Let’s remember the generations that will follow us…

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